Amy Perruso for State House

Materials for local state office campaign.
Made with Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

2017 - 2022

Logo, website, digital and print design for the Campaign for Amy Perruso for State House. On-call work from September 2017 to May 2022. Images rendered in Adobe Dimension (2022).

Native Plants

Eight digital illustrations of native Hawaiian plants.
Made with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Native Plants is an ongoing collection of digital illustrations that captures the dwindling number of non-extinct native plants in Hawaii. Currently printed as postcards, these illustrations will eventually be used for a card game, made in collaboration with Malia Staab (MS candidate at University of Hawaii Manoa, Environmental Management).

Hannah's Cookbook

Bare-bones cookbook.
Made with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Hannah's Super Simple Random Fusion Cookbook is a collection of recipes designed and written for ease of use by the author during graduate school. The book designates sections for Breakfast, Dessert, Vaguely Ethnic, Less Ethnic, and Drank, and further distinguishes itself from other books in the genre through its lack of images and written attempts to belittle the reader into making the recommended dishes. 

New History in Pattern

Digital textiles.
Made with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

New History in Pattern is a collection of digital textiles depicting relationships between a mother and child, inspired by the following excerpt from You Are Free: Stories by Danny Senna
"We were supposed to be the next generation, all new fangled and melting-potted, but instead we were like Russian nesting dolls. When you opened our parents' bodies you found a replica of their struggle, no matter how hard we tried to transcend it."

Sophie's Table Catering

Branding materials for catering company.
Made with Adobe Indesign and Illustrator.


Sophie's Table Japanese Fusion Catering is a branding project of print materials for distribution. This includes business cards, and a list of menu items available from the owner. Images rendered in Adobe Dimension (2022).

The Meaning of Stew

8-page pamphlet.
Made with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

The Meaning of Stew: Six Ways to Have Sex with a Fish, is a 8-page booklet detailing different ways to engage in sexual activity with a fish. Outlining the pros and cons of such interspecies interactions, the meaning of stew harnesses the dispassionate language of scientific manuals to lend tenability to clear violations of nature.

Flies are Wild

Card game and instruction manual.
Made with Adobe Illustrator.

Flies are Wild is a gin-rummy style card game that challenges players to create fly "families"  by crossing flies and predicting their offspring. This game utilizes the basic mechanics of genetic recombination in drosophila melanogaster (common fruit fly)  to create an infinite array of gameplay possibilities and expose players to the language of introductory genetics.

Sword & Shield

10-page coloring book.
Made with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Sword & Shield is a 10-page coloring book depicting the brutal mating habits of bees, butterflies, beetles and more. Each illustration is accompanied by a description of the unique anatomy or behavior displayed by the species. 


Card game and 3D-printed objects.
Made with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Rhinoceros.

Verneuil is a matching card game that tests players' ability to visualize and identify 3D objects. This 100-card deck consists of 50 paired cards that correspond to a 3D printed object. Paired cards are not identical - instead, they depict the same object from different angles. This game comes in three variations: Jumbo cards (purple), Poker size (purple with black background), and Poker size High Difficulty (outlines only). 

Sorry Not Sorry

Card game and board design.
Made with Adobe Dimension, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Sorry Not Sorry is a spin on the popular board game Sorry. This version accommodates up to 6 players, and introduces a secondary travel route in which other players can knock you back to home. Similar mechanics to the original Sorry game. Hexagonal game board + pawns.

Get your Greenback Tompkins

Brochure and game card.
Made with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Get Your GreenBack Tompkins is a project within Cornell Cooperative Extension whose mission is to work "collaboratively with people, especially those with limited income, and organizations, take high impact steps that simultaneously reduce our community's carbon emissions, save money and create a socially-just, local economy."  These projects were created as part of a graphic design internship with GYGB Tompkins.

Poster Design

Poster designs
Made with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Poster designs for the Cornell Fashion and Textile Collection, Manoa Senior Care, Cornell University Olin and Uris Libraries, Cornell University Class Councils, and more.