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color + design

STA 112: Color + Design.
Projects from Fall 2019 and Spring 2021.
2019 - 2021

this collection of student work is a representative sample of the projects that make up STA 112: Color + Design. The projects are organized in the order they were assigned. The course serves as "an introduction to the fundamental concepts of two-dimensional design. Students will deal with these concepts in a series of problem-solving creative projects, supplemented by discussions, critiques, slides, and written assignments. Specific goals will include: to explore the six basic design principles... consider form, craft concept, and content where it applies... [and] become acquainted with a range of methods and materials."
Projects authored by Hannah Tamiko Mackey include:

     Project 2.3: Johannes Itten and Mariah Dekkenga's One-Week-Only Color Collaboration (in 6 parts)
     Project 2.5: Textiles in the Natural World
     Project 3.1: The Historical Precedent for Transparency
     Project 3.2: The Elephant in the Room

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