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Hannah Tamiko Mackey
artist • designer

Hannah Tamiko Mackey is an interdisciplinary artist currently residing in San Diego, California. Her studio work spans graphic design, illustration and ceramics, and centers on the anthropological examination of a fictional human-fish hybrid species. Through this body of work, she manifests cultural remnants of the hybrid, exploring multiethnic, multicultural, and colonial relationships through interspecies encounters and primitivist assumptions of the other. With each new piece she progresses the visual language of the hybrid, exposing legacies of scientific racism, the politization of multiculturalism, and the complicity of mixed subjects. 


Hannah is currently an Assistant Professor (Fixed-Term) at Michigan State University. She holds an MFA in Studio Art from Michigan State and a BS in Fiber Science from Cornell University. Since beginning her masters, she has been a recipient of the Dissertation Completion Fellowship (DCF), the Special College Research Abroad Monies (SCRAM), summer fellowships within the art department, the Research/Professional Development Travel Fellowship, the MSU Museum Summer Professional Internship, and the Residential College of Arts and Humanities Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship. She served on the Graduate Committee and Foundations Ad Hoc Committee, and has taught as an instructor-of-record for foundational studio and graphic design courses at MSU.


Hannah Tamiko Mackey

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